FYC Autumn Concert

St Peter’s Church, Old Woking - 13th October

After saying goodbye to long-standing FYC members and welcoming a new intake of singers (15 this September), the autumn concert provides the first opportunity to hear a newly-blended choir. The venue this time was particularly special because St Peter’s in Old Woking is the local church of FYC’s accompanist, Matthew Rickard. It also dates back over nine hundred years, making it contemporary with Hildegard von Bingen whose O virtus sapientiae made a hauntingly beautiful opening to the concert as the choir processed through the church. 

The first half of the concert showcased some of FYC’s sacred repertoire. In the interval, the large audience was able to enjoy drinks served by some of the team of volunteers who ran the evening so well. The second half of the programme then mixed contemporary pieces with music influenced by folk traditions.

Highlights included the choir’s first performance of Schubert’s Gott ist mein hirt (which required the singers to memorise a lengthy German text!) and what might well have been the first performance anywhere of The Silver Swan by Oliver Tarney, from the newly-published collection As You Sing editedby Neil Ferris and FYC’s Joanna Tomlinson. Three very accomplished solos by Megan Holmes, Charlotte Gill and Jessica Miller completed an evening that hinted at wonderful things to come as the choir begins to prepare for the European Choir Games next summer.   

Review by Helen Cole