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Under HMRC rules, donations qualify for 100% Gift Aid tax relief which increases the value of your support by 25%. On making your donation you will be invited to Gift Aid your support.

Current total: £10,000  (Nov 2018)

Current total: £10,000
(Nov 2018)

FYC receives no public funding and relies entirely on sponsorship, donations and member subscriptions.   Our goal is to keep subscriptions as low as possible so that young people are not prevented from joining one of our choirs for financial reasons.  We are pleased not to have increased subscription rates for 8 years, but ever increasing costs mean we rely even more on our generous benefactors. Every little helps and you can be assured that 100% of your donation goes to fund very special experiences for our young people.  

We rely on the kindness, generosity and passion of our patrons, sponsors and the general public to fund the activities of our choirs in support of the membership. Additionally, our ambitions to participate in the European Choir Games in 2019 and World Choir Games in 2020 rely on raising much needed funds to support the senior choir in participating and subsidising travel across the globe. 

We need to raise over £60,000 by the Summer of 2020 in order to achieve our strategic ambitions. All donations are very gratefully received. 

Thank you very much in advance for your support. 

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