How we are funded

FYC is a registered charity that receives no public money.  It was founded in 1984 by David and Gillian Victor-Smith with the objective of providing, for the young people in the Farnham area, the opportunity to participate in choral activities to the very highest musical standards which are unlikely to be available to them within mainstream education. The ethos of FYC throughout its existence has been to ensure that no child is barred from accessing this opportunity purely on the grounds of affordability.  This is achieved by keeping membership fees to a minimum through a wide range of fundraising activities, the generosity of our patrons and the support of the Friends of Farnham Youth Choir.

Currently, over 50% of our costs are covered by funds raised from sources other than membership subscriptions.  Indeed, our subscriptions have not increased for over 6 years and it is our aim to keep costs for members to a minimum.


FYC is hugely grateful to all our generous patrons, corporate sponsors and individual donors.  Our current sponsors are:

We are also grateful to Surrey County Council for a grant awarded in 2016 for the commissioning of two pieces for performance during our 2016/17 season.

As a registered charity, FYC offers tax-efficient opportunities for individuals and limited companies making financial contributions.  If you or your organisation are interested in providing financial support to FYC, whether it be as a principal sponsorship partner, an event or project sponsor (e.g. tour or concert programme), or a one-off donation, please contact either our sponsorship lead, Kevin Sylvester ( or our chairman, Graham Noakes (


friends of farnham youth choir

Friends of Farnham Youth Choir is a registered charity completely separate from FYC.

When a young person finishes her or his time with FYC their parents are invited to consider joining the "Friends".  It may be only after a son or daughter has left the choir that we (and the choir member) fully appreciate how much was gained by belonging: a tremendous musical education, team spirit, self discipline, the excitement of concerts and the realisation of just how hard you have to work to achieve something worthwhile. Members of all the Farnham Youth Choirs experience the tremendous benefits of performing well as a team, resulting in winning competitions both here and abroad.  They also learn about giving something back by performing to people with learning difficulties and in old people's homes etc.

By becoming a Friend of Farnham Youth Choir you can have the satisfaction of helping all the choirs to maintain the high standards of musicianship that they have enjoyed over the past thirty-odd years.  There will always be several calls on the choirs' funds - music, rehearsal rooms, uniforms, travelling expenses, competition expenses, workshops.   In particular, the "Friends" can and does help fund members to go on tours where they would otherwise be unable to do so due to reasons of affordability.

For as little as £10 per year (no upper limit!) you will receive a regular update of the choirs' activities and be able to book your seats for concerts at the same time as choir members, rather than wait for tickets to be available to the general public.

For more information contact Jeremy or Sian Smith on 01252 326465