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This form to be completed for all new members to FYC Training Choir, FYC Junior Choir and Farnham Youth Choir and for all existing members at the start of each academic school year

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Name of member
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Date of birth
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Parent 1:
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Parent 2:
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Please give details if your child is a vegetarian or if there is any other food that he/she does not eat. Please also specify any food allergies or intolerances
Please give details if your child suffers from any medical condition of which, whilst not affecting his/her ability to take part in FYC activities, the choir leaders should be aware (e.g. action needed in case of asthma attack). State all non-food allergies (e.g. pets, latex, antibiotics) as the choir is involved in a wide variety of activities. Please also state if your child has been prescribed with medication that he/she is required to carry with them at all times, such as insulin, inhaler, epipen, anapen, or similar
If considered necessary by the choir leadership, I consent to my child being given
Note, tick if medication IS allowed and leave blank if it is not - your child will be expected to provide their own medication. Under 16s will be supervised, but members 16 and over will be allowed to take medication without supervision
If there is anything else that you feel we should know, please enter that here
Gift Aid *
HMRC rules permits FYC to claim gift aid tax relief at the basic rate of tax on 95% of your membership subscription if you: • are a UK tax payer • pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for this tax year at least equal to the tax that the charity will claim from HM Revenue & Customs on your Gift Aid • are a parent or legal guardian of the child(ren) in the choir(s) Please select one of the following:
Becoming a volunteer *
FYC relies on a dedicated team of parent and non-parent volunteers. If you are able and willing to give your time and talents, we would be be most grateful. If you are happy for us to contact you regarding a role (large or small) in FYC please indicate below. All our volunteers are DBS-checked and those in chaperoning roles are licensed by Surrey County Council. I would be happy to help in the following areas (please tick all that apply)
Marketing and Promotions
The information you provide to us is used strictIy for FYC administrative purposes only. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for FYC’s marketing please indicate your consent by ticking the box below. Data is used and retained in accordance with our polices available for download a
FYC Terms and Conditions *
• I certify that so far as I am aware my child is medically fit to undertake concerts and other choir activities (including coach travel) and that there are no known health reasons why they should not do so • I understand that those supervising my child at concerts, rehearsals and other choir activities are in loco parentis and must exercise a standard of care that would be expected of a reasonably prudent parent. The choir leadership will not be responsible for personal injury, other damage or loss unless they are proved negligent • I have ensured that my child understands that it is important for their safety and for the safety of the group that any rules and instructions given by the staff in charge are obeyed • I give permission for photographs/film of the choir which may include my child, to be used on the choir website, in press releases, on television or for other publicity material • I have read the choir handbook • I am aware that FYC will collect, hold and use some data about me and about my child for membership administration purposes only and in accordance with FYC's Data Protection and Retention Policies which are provided on our website at and are consistent with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)