Dies Irae, Dorking Halls

Junior Choirs and Dies Irae.jpg

Well done to the FYC Girls and Boys choirs, as well as the 5 trainers who participated, for your fantastic performance at the Dies Irae concert at Dorking Halls. 

"It was such a delight to have them there and they won a lot of new fans for the FYC. They had been impeccably trained and their tuning, diction and timing were really impressive."  Ian Assersohn, Composer

"On behalf of Leatherhead Choral Society I am writing to thank you all for taking part in our world premiere concert and to send a special THANK YOU to the Farnham Youth Junior Choir whose performance was really enchanting.  It was lovely to have them perform with us and we hope they enjoyed the experience just as much as we did.  They must have been very tired at the end of the evening but they sang perfectly until the last note!" Lynne Gillespie, Chair of Leatherhead Choral Society."

Click here to see a short presentation about Dies Irae.