If you would like to join one of our choirs please complete the Application Form at the bottom of this page.  This page should answer most of your questions - if not, please contact Alison Nicholls who is in charge of recruitment at joinachoir@fyc.org.uk.

  • for the Training Choir (boys and girls in school years 2-4) we welcome new members throughout the year without audition
  • for the FYC Girls Choir and FYC Boys Choir (both school years 5-7) entrance is by audition in June/July and, additionally, at other specific times during the year
  • for the Farnham Youth Choir (which is a choir from school years 7-13) we welcome new members by audition in June/July.  Boys (treble voices only) can audition if they are currently in years 5 and above whereas girls can audition if they are currently in years 6-9

About Auditions in July 2017

We aim to make the audition process friendly and helpful, and hopefully an enjoyable experience!  We want to find out about your current ability, but are also looking for potential and readiness to learn. 

  • Date : Saturday 1st July 2017, 10am – 4pm
  • Venue : More House School, Moons Hill, Frensham, Farnham, Surrey GU10 3AP

What happens in the audition?

Auditions will take place in small groups where you will be asked to sing some simple vocal exercises to discover whether you are a high or low singer (we need both!).  There will also be some ear tests (similar to aural tests in graded exams) and some simple sight reading.

Will there be an accompanist?

One of the conductors will teach you the vocal exercises and play the piano.

How long will the audition last?

  • auditions for the Junior Girls and Boys Choirs will last up to half an hour
  • auditions for the Youth Choir will be up to one hour

If you are auditioning for the Youth Choir you are also expected to attend a Wednesday rehearsal in June, when you can experience what it’s like to be part of the choir.  If you are new to Farnham Youth Choir and are not sure which choir to audition for, there will be an opportunity to sing for Jo Tomlinson afterwards when she will be happy to offer advice.

Can parents stay during the auditions?

There is a room for parents to wait while your child auditions, and we encourage you to stay to chat with current choir members and current parents and find out more about the choirs.

When will I hear the results of my audition?

When you leave the audition you will know if you have a place in the Junior Choirs.  If you’ve auditioned for the Youth Choir will know by the evening if you have a place. 

What happens if I’m accepted?

If you gain a place in one of our choirs, you and your parents will need to attend a new member and parent meeting:

  • Youth Choir – Tuesday 4th July 2017, 7.30pm – 8.30pm at Music School, Frensham Heights School
  • Junior Choirs – Wednesday 13th September 2017, 6.15pm – 6.45pm at Frensham Heights School

Rehearsals will start on Wednesday 6th September 2017 at Frensham Heights School in the Music School, 5.15pm – 6.45pm.  Details will be sent to you towards the end of the summer holidays.

New members of the Youth Choir will also attend extra repertoire sessions on Tuesdays for four weeks 5.15pm – 6.30pm (dates are on the schedule which you will be sent when you’ve booked an audition slot).

how do I apply?

Please follow this link to complete the application form to join any of our choirs.

We will then be in touch to arrange a time for your audition (if required) and to answer any questions you may have.